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Splitting Foundation Crack

This problem could be caused from a number of different factors, including poor soil conditions. When your home was being built, a hole was dug in the earth so that the contractors could begin building the foundation. The hole was made bigger than what the home was actually going to be so that the workers would have space to move around, and so that equipment could fit in the area. When the construction work was finished, soil was backfilled into the space between the foundation and the surrounding earth. When the soil wasn't properly put back into place and compacted, it can become very wet and soggy when it rains. Over time, this can cause the foundation to move around in the earth and sink in certain spots. This creates un-level weight distribution on the base, and as a result, splits and cracks can be seen developing on the home's interior or exterior.

Splitting Foundation Crack

Warning signs of a problem include:

  • Interior and exterior cracking can be seen
  • Water is trickling down basement walls and puddles can be seen on the floor by the baseboards
  • Certain spots on the first level of the home don't feel level (indication of a settlement problem)
  • Chimney is tilting or pulling away from the home
  • Walls are leaning into the basement environment

How We Fix A Splitting Foundation Crack

When it comes to taking care of the problem, our professionals here at Stabil-Loc will first need to come to your home for an evaluation of the situation. They will thoroughly inspect the base of your home to determine what caused the issue to begin with. Next, they will come up with a plan of action for getting it taken care of once and for all. If the issue was brought on by settlement, we can install our patented piers. If the problem was caused by bowing walls, we can install anchors in the earth. We will also fill in and seal the crevices so that they don't let seepage inside.