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Horizontal Foundation Cracks

When you notice this kind of problem on your basement walls, it is indicative of a serious structural issue. Over time, if the problem is not taken care of properly, the situation may actually lead to total structure collapse. Regardless of whether you have a stone, block, or poured base to your home, this is a problem that can effect your building's structural integrity. It can eventually lead to crumbling mortar, weakened areas of the wall which will let seepage inside, or it may lead to the development of a bowed wall due to excessive pressure on the surface from hydrostatic forces in the earth.

Horizontal Foundation Crack

Causes of this problem include: poor drainage and grading of soil around the structure as this can cause water to drain very slowly and lead to a build-up of pressure on the wall as mentioned above, poorly backfilled soil, concrete shrinkage, and poor materials used during the construction of the home.

Warning signs of this issue include:

  • Noticeable cracking on the interior or exterior of the home
  • Walls are not level
  • Doors, windows, and cabinets are difficult to open or close
  • Basement walls are leaning into the home

How We Fix This Type Of Foundation Crack

There are several ways we go about taking care of this kind of problem. First, before we begin any kind of repair work, we will need to inspect the damage that has already been done so that we can pinpoint the cause of the problem and get it resolved. We can install wall anchors for bowing walls, and our patented piering product for issues with settlement. The crack itself will be filled in and sealed to prevent seepage from getting inside and causing even more damage.