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Benefits of Our Technicians & Repair Packages

  • "Trained And Certified Under CSE® Regulations"
  • "Diagnos Entire Home- Not Just Problem Area"
  • "Accurate Laser Measurement Technology For Leveling Concrete/Home"
  • "Certified Engineers Personally Install Products"
  • "Fix Any Crack, Foundation, or Water Problem"
  • "Provide 30+ Financing Options Available"

Water Problems Caused By Foundation Problems

Certified Structural Evaluator®

What Is It?

All of our authorized contractors have attended training and have passed exams so that they can become certified evaluators with the team. Training includes learning about the best practices for accurate and safe installation of our products, including our patented piers, wall anchors, and more. The certified members also have covered information about pre-start checklists, installation and repair procedures, and safety techniques.

What Do They Do?

They come to your home to do a thorough evaluation of your foundation problems, pinpointing the exact cause of the issue so that our team can provide you with the best and most effective repair solutions.

How Do I Request A CSE Technician?

A CSE technician is on site for every single foundation project. You will not need to request one because they are a standard protocol for every operation before we do any work on the home.