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Bowed Walls

This is a common structural problem, and you will know this is an issue your home is experiencing if you can see walls actually leaning into the basement of your home. The problem is caused from too much hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding the home. Whenever it rains, the earth swells up, and the pressure it exerts on your exterior walls is known as hydrostatic pressure. Eventually, the force proves to be too much, and it pushes the wall into the home.

Warning signs of a problem include:

  • Seeing a wall leaning into the home
  • Interior and exterior cracks form
  • Water can be seen seeping into the basement from the damaged wall

How We Fix Bowing Basement Walls

To take care of the problem, we can install carbon fiber strips and I-beams to help with strengthening and stabilizing the wall so that it doesn't experience any additional movement or damage. We can also fill in and seal the cracks with epoxy injection so that they don't let moisture into the home.