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Basement Wall Cracks

This problem is typically caused from excessive pressure being applied to the foundation from the soil surrounding the home. They can also be caused from settlement, or from improper construction techniques being used during the time when the home was being built. These openings in the wall can make it easy for seepage to get into the basement and cause serious damage.

Basement Wall Cracks

Warning signs of a problem include:

  • Water can be seen trickling down the wall, or forming in puddles on the floor
  • A wall may appear to be leaning or bowing into the basement
  • Stains or damage can be seen on the walls or on personal belongings stored here
  • Wooden materials here (supports, beams, floor joists) are starting to rot and warp

How We Fix A Cracked Basement Wall

To fix the problem, we will first need to determine the cause of the problem. If it is caused from soil pressure, we can install carbon fiber strips to help strengthen and stabilize the wall so that no additional cracking or leaning is done. If the problem is caused from settlement, we can install our patented piers to lift, level, and stabilize the entire home. Cracks will be filled and sealed using an epoxy injection material and technique which will prevent seepage from getting inside.