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Basement Floor Cracks

This problem is often caused from excessive hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding the home. Whenever it rains, or when the ground is frozen or dry, it can effect the water table. This constant rising and falling of the table can create a lot of pressure in the earth. This pushes up against the bottom of the basement, and it will eventually cause cracking. If the problem is not taken care of quickly, seepage can start to get inside and cause serious damage to the walls, and to anything that may be stored in this area of the home. Additionally, foundation settlement can also cause this common structural problem, and when there are voids beneath your home, nothing will be there to support the floor, causing it to be weak in certain spots where the cracks may form.

Basement Floor Cracks

Warning signs of a problem include:

  • Puddles can be seen on the floor
  • Damage is done to the bottom of boxes stored here
  • Home smells musty (indication of mold growth)

How We Fix A Cracked Basement Floor

To take care of the problem, we will first have to figure out what caused the issue to begin with. If the cause is settlement, we can install our piering system to make the foundation stable and secure once again. We will also be sure to fill in the openings in the floor with our epoxy material so that seepage won't be able to get inside and cause damage.